Pure Coconut Oil Soaps

Good for the skin.  Good for the soul.

Orange Patchouli Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Our amazing exfoliating coconut oil soap is all you need for smooth, soft, supple skin. We promise it won't make you smell like a dirty hippie. In fact, use this on your skin and ensure lots of one on one contact.​

4 oz. bar

Tea Tree Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Love coconut oil? Ever wish you could bathe in it? Now you can. Our handcrafted 100% pure coconut oil soap has serious lather and is super moisturizing. We've added tea tree essential oil for its amazing skin healing properties.

4 oz. bar

Lemongrass Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Grassy. Lemony. Exceptional lather. You can't go wrong with this soap. Our lovely and luxurious lemongrass scent will soon be your favorite.

4 oz. bar

*When you place a soap order, you will be charged at that time and your order will be shipped when ready. Thank you for your business!

Eucalyptus Lime Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Smell like summer all year long! A citrusy, sudsy soap to wake you up and keep you focused.

4 oz. bar

Cedarwood Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Woodsy and well...manly. There is no other way to describe this unique smelling bar. Gift it to the men in your life and share with them the wonders of coconut oil love.

4 oz. bar

Peppermint Pure Coconut Oil Soap​​

This refreshing version of our 100% coconut oil soap is cool and motivational, and will get your day off to a zippy start.

4 oz. bar